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%3 1 Factors to Consider 2 Grill Type 1->2 Consider the grill type based on usage needs 3 Fuel Type 1->3 Choose fuel type: gas, charcoal, or electric 4 Cooking Space 1->4 Assess cooking space for group size 5 Features 1->5 Select features like temperature control, side burners, etc. 6 Budget 1->6 Set budget for investment 7 Brand Reputation 1->7 Check brand reputation for quality and support 8 Maintenance 1->8 Evaluate maintenance requirements for longevity 9 Grill Material 2->9 Pick grill material: stainless steel, cast iron, etc. 10 Accessories 2->10 Consider accessories like covers, utensils, etc. 11 Size 2->11 Determine grill size for space and usage needs

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